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Technical experience you can count on who truly understand what it takes to build a high-performing technical team

The dynamics of tech recruitment are like no other industry. It is one of the few sectors that has more roles than it does talented professionals which completely reverses the hiring protocol.

This makes it essential for tech recruiters to possess the technical knowledge and experience required to engage at an in-depth level. By truly understanding the finer technical knowledge, it instills confidence with all stakeholders and enables us to deliver only the best tech talent the industry has to offer.

For us here at Talented Recruitment, tech is more than just a career, it’s a way of life. This is the mindset we adopt when recruiting for our own internal tech team as well as when we recruit for our clients.

Tech Recruitment



Specialising in Back-End and Front-End across .NET, Java, Python, Scala, Golang, JavaScript, TypeScript and more


Sales specialists including Pre-Sales, Account Managers, Business Development Managers, New Business, Sales Directors and more


Technical support including Help Desk, 1st Line to Senior Escalation, Support Manager, Support Analyst and more


Covering everything from the evolving world of Machine Learning to Data Science


Specialists in Cloud Architect, Cloud Engineering, Cloud Security, Cloud Support and Cloud Sales


Ranging from Product Owners and Managers through to Product Design


Whether it's Service Delivery or Product Delivery, we have a broad network of qualified professionals


Specialising in Data Analytics, Data Architect and Data Science

Sectors Covered

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Talented Recruitment Group play a pivotal role in connecting skilled professionals with innovative companies. Some of the key sectors we cover include:

Software Development

From web and mobile app developers to software engineers, we specialise in sourcing the best coding talent. These professionals are the backbone of tech innovation, creating and maintaining software solutions.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

An area we have a vast amount of experience in is MSPs. Talented Recruitment Group have an extensive portfolio of MSP businesses who we have been partnered with since our incecption. We truly understand the requirements of MSPs and the different channels which are critical to a successful MSP including support, service delivery, sales, marketing and more. 


Given the increasing importance of cybersecurity, Talented Recruitment Group specialise in sourcing industry experts. This sector includes roles such as ethical hackers, security analysts, and information security officers.

Data Science and Analytics

Talented Recruitment Group understands the growing need for data-driven decision-making. We excel in identifying data scientists, analysts, and engineers who harness the power of data to drive business insights.

AI and Machine Learning

As AI and ML continue to transform industries, Talented Recruitment Group is adept at recruiting machine learning engineers, AI researchers, and NLP specialists, contributing to cutting-edge AI projects.

Cloud Computing

Cloud technologies are integral to modern businesses. Talented Recruitment Group have a vast amount of experience in sourcing cloud architects, engineers, and specialists who design, implement, and maintain cloud infrastructure for companies of all sizes.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT is shaping the future, connecting devices and sensors. Talented Recruitment Group is well-versed in finding talent for IoT hardware and software development, supporting innovation across industries.


Our expertise extends to blockchain, a technology with diverse applications. Talented Recruitment Group identify blockchain developers and experts who work on secure and transparent digital ledger systems.

E-commerce and Digital Marketing

In the digital age, e-commerce and digital marketing are crucial. Talented Recruitment Group specialise in hiring e-commerce managers, digital marketers, and SEO experts who drive online success.

Health Tech

The healthcare industry’s tech transformation has been explosive over the last few years. Talented Recruitment Group connect healthcare organisations with IT professionals who develop solutions for improved patient care.

Gaming and Entertainment

With a passion for technology, Talented Recruitment Group cover the gaming sector, helping companies find game developers, designers, and artists. Additionally, we engage with the entertainment tech sector, including streaming platforms and virtual reality.

In each of these sectors, Talented Recruitment Group leverage industry knowledge, networking, and a client-centric approach to match top talent with organisations seeking their expertise. We commitment to staying updated, offering personalised service, and promoting diversity which ensures that Talented Recruitment Group remains a valuable partner in the tech recruitment ecosystem.

Talented Recruitment Group’s Head Office is based in Bournemouth but specialises in Tech Recruitment across the entire UK as well as Europe and the US. Whether it’s local talent or remote talent, we’re well positioned to cover all requirements. 

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