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Recruitment Solutions

Custom built with your requirements in mind

Recruitment Solutions to meet your hiring needs

We understand that every company has different talent requirements which is why we tailor our recruitment solutions to your needs...

Talent Sourcing

Innovative techniques to find the best candidates for your business.

Talent Mapping

Prepare for the future with strategic talent mapping to anticipate long-term talent goals.

Employer Branding

Develop a strong and distinctive employer brand that will attract talent.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process Outsourcing of the entire recruitment process to our team of experts.

HR Consulting

Providing expert advice & support across various aspects of HR.

Talent Management

Effective management of your workforce to maximise productivity.

What to hire candidates more effeciently?

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Get in touch and one of our expert consultants will be able to provide all the required support to start matching your business with the right recruitment solutions.

Some Talented Recruitment Group topline stats

Vacancy fulfilment success
Client satisfaction score
Candidate satisfaction score
Offer to acceptance
Improved hiring process
Candidate retention
Improved ROI
Hiring flexibility

Collaborating with 1000+international companies.

TRG Recruitment Solutions

We don’t believe ‘out of the box‘ works in the modern day recruitment market, that’s why all of our recruitment solutions are customised to meet each of our partners specific needs.

Here are some launch packs we offer to demonstrate the areas we cover and what you can expect to be included as an absolute minimum with TRG.


28 Days/Avg placement time

* Tax & other services included.


19 Days/Avg placement time

* Tax & other services included.


12 Days/Avg placement time

* Tax & other services included.


Around the clock sourcing, capturing the newest talent

We engage talent 24/7, 365

Be sure to get the best talent, as soon as they become available with our market leading platform designed to engage candidates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Immediate, mid-term and long-term hiring strategies

AI integration throughout the hiring process

Remove human error and streamline the process

Clear and consistent communication

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We know there's no shortage of agencies to partner with so why TRG? Our 1000+ partners all share one thing in common, appreciation of our ability to simplify the recruitment process whilst improving ROI.

  • Initial engagement

    An initial conversation to understand your existing recruitment solutions, any pain points and where efficiencies can be realised.

  • Market research

    Based on your specific needs and goals, we provide recommendations based on market insights which are backed by data driven decisions.

  • Project kick-off

    A proposed strategy is finalised to ensure transparency and clarity across all areas of the project.

  • Delivery

    TRG roll out and deliver the project scope ensuring regular feedback and updates are provided along the way.

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The recruitment industry has changed drastically over recent years. We’ve listened to the market, improved the recruitment model and are now helping 1000’s of companies win the industry talent war by implementing the right recruitment solutions.