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During the last several years and following the increased flexibility for companies to offer fully remote working, Talented Recruitment Group have seen an increase in the number of partners looking for MENA recruitment support.

Africa in particular offers a vast market for talent and companies looking to expand their business offering into the MENA region are starting to recognise that.

Historically, European businesses that sold products or services into the MENA markets would have their team based in their place of origin, rather than the market itself. This provided many restrictions such as local market insights only available from being present in the region. 

As improved technology enables us to communicate more freely and engage in ways that weren’t previously available, more and more businesses are seeing the rewards of hiring in local markets and managing teams remotely.

We have also seen more businesses expanding into the Middle East as trading relationships continue to improve and more Western professionals relocate to the thriving region. This has driven a surge to support local hiring needs in new markets.

If you would like to discuss how we can support your MENA hiring needs, please get in touch.

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