At Talented Recruitment Group, we specialise in two key areas, Tech Recruitment and FMCG Recruitment.

Many candidates and partners we work with are surprised by the size of the Tech and FMCG industry in and around the Bournemouth area. A vast number of small, medium and large businesses have choosen Bournemouth as the location for their Head Office.

Why Bournemouth though? Apart from the stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, Bournemouth has a great infrastructure with impressive transport links. London can be accessed by train in under 2 hours, Birmingham in c. 2.5 hours and direct routes to Manchester are available in 4 hours by train or a 45-minute flight from Bournemouth Airport.

Tech Recruitment Bournemouth

The Tech scene in Bournemouth has been rapidly growing for a number of years. Bournemouth University continuously produces great talent from their Computing courses and with so much opportunity within the local area, a vast majority of graduates decide to stay in the Bournemouth area rather than relocating to find work.

FMCG Recruitment Bournemouth

The FMCG industry also has a surprisingly larger representation in the Bournemouth area. A few large organisations have located their Head Office in the Bournemouth area as well as others deciding to set up their Warehouse and Logistics functions here. In addition to the brand owners, there are a high number of agencies that cover a variety of disciplines ranging from sales and marketing to design and events.

If you would like to learn more about the Tech Recruitment or FMCG Recruitment industries in the Bournemouth area, please get in touch.